Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4 weeks and counting...

Four more weeks of being single!!!
I'm in Boise working at Zurchers (a party and wedding store). It's getting lonely here despite being with my family. Josh and I talk on the phone every night, but that doesn't stop me missing him like CRAZY!!! That and my best friend Kiersten left on her mission a month ago today.
At least I have something closer to look forward to than the wedding. in a little more than a week, Mom, Dad and I will be loading everything that belongs to me up in a Uhaul and driving to Rexburg. I will then be spending the 2 weeks leading up to the time we leave on a twin-sized air mattress as my queen bed will be in Rexburg with Josh. On the 17th, the plan is for Josh to come over from Rexburg and stay until we leave for Seattle on the 19th.
In other news, plans are coming along! I've decided what to get Josh for his present, though I have to wait for my tax return or my next paycheck before I can get it so i can help with rent. We picked up my wedding dress a week and a half ago, got it bustled on Monday and we're picking it up from Sweetheart Manor next Thursday after it is steamed.
I also have Josh's ring. He wanted a tungsten band, so that's what I got! Just waiting to see him again so I can make sure it fits.
We got some of the favors done on Monday and we have a few still left to make before we're all ready to go. But other than that, things are moving along great! Counting the days!!!